Thursday, 16 February 2012

"You are an Angel"

(Photo courtesy by the LivingShed) 
One of my crafts last Feb.14, ordered by Loving husband that just  Newly wed, both are my friends and co-employees .

I am so delighted to make this Arm bouquet for his Lovable wife (LivingShed)..I am the one who hand over this fresh flowers to Sheng, she did not expect that her husband will give her a presence as she said her husband is so thrifty :). But she was  wrong...Her husband was so thankful to me for the flowers, He said his wife was so happy for it..  "Thank you because you my wife happy and surprised, You are an Angel.."

I really felt the very warmth thankful heart from a husband,even I am so lack of sleep and looks haggard on Valentine's day but so happy, because I make others people to be happy through my arts and crafts.  I am not only a Florist but also an Angel ..... : )   Thank you for your appreciation..


Nurrohmat Triatmojo said...

Hi !!
I am visit your Blog back..


sunmagicflower said...

Thanks NT:)

LivingShed said... are absolutely an angel ma'am weng..thank you very much