Thursday, 26 April 2012

DOVE Chocolate Brand- Promises Message

During my lunch today,  with my officemate Donna
After we take our food, I offered her my collection as our dessert, Assorted chocolates stuff from friends and relatives from abroad. 

Then I noticed one of the wrappers has a Promises message inside the message goes like this “Spending time is a greater gift than spending money” the chocolate brand marked “DOVE” and my officemate also checked her wrapper  also and have other message that fit in her. It’s all about simple happiness. 

I Know that chocolate is food for comfort, but this kind of packaging comforts the thoughts and body.

Have a nice day everyone!!!

My 4 Breathtaking Blogs :)

Hello my Friends and Visitors!!!

I think, most of you wonder about my 4 accounts or 4 Blogs…. J 

These 4 blogs was made due to my unknowing in the world of blogging or lack of knowledge, I admit…. JJ J
 My first and original blog account is
“ The Life in every moment” I expressed what’s on my mind and thoughts. I considered as my Daily diary…

But one time, I am planning to post another “Post “ but was click the  New Blog again unknowing I made New post  in a  “New Blog ” Titled “ The Blood Donor” I want to share about the Life of being Blood Donor and people who need your blood, like my Special Friend who already at heaven.  

And my 3rd one is “The Flowergirl Artist”  I want to share my life as an Artist or flower arranger.. and other related to my crafts.

 And the 4th one is “Flowergirl Crafts” I want to share my designs and my personal touch of nature.

Hence, I did not know that New Post and New Blog is different.. JJJ
And soon I made some other topics posted in New Post not on New Blog.. I already know now what ‘s the difference between the two. J

 When I told and share to my friend that I did 4 blogs…She was amazed and that I did 4 blogs in the same time.. I Just did and smiled … But later on I realized that New Post and new Blog is different.. Now you know how stupid I am hahahaha.

Well, in the first place I feel sad cause I’m not so positive that I can make it cause I am new in blog world.. 

Sad, but don’t have any regrets , Cause I did my very best to make it updated and well maintained. Well as can you see..It really works!

If you can hit me, you can have my support through my 4 Blogs.

Now you know..Being stupid sometimes have a great and fruitful favor.

So enjoy viewing my  4 blogs:
The Life in every moment –
The Flowergirl Artist-
Flowergirl Crafts-
Good Luck to all Bloggers and Advertisers!!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I was amazed and got a better laughed on this Simsimi...
Last March 27 on my birthday I just only hooked on FB..cause I cannot open my blogs site..someone told me to take a conversion to SimSimi that make my day more fun..
But, I just ignored and did not try to connect in goggle.Due to low connection on my net.

I Like this item very much,Simsimi entertained and make conversion that you can be out of your shell.
I did not yet tried the Simsimi but read on a blogs on my one friend, the counter and the conversion was been very taught and funny.I will try this very soon on my past time, specially when I am alone in home.
Just to make my life unwind in the world of technology. would you also try???