Saturday, 5 May 2012


Hawaii has been  known using  fresh flower in garlands and leis as their welcome present to guest. In the Philippines, We have also Lei made in our  TUBAW a special fabric from Southern Mindanao.. This cloth  is commonly use as head wrap. But nowadays it is also use in Mindanao for Special Leis or  Welcoming Garland for our guest. We sometimes incorporate with the small Agung.You can find in my photos attached:

      To all out there,this materials was bought from our very own Aldevinco Shopping Center..But this Tubaws in photo was specially arranged and concept by Sunmagicflower.If you will visit Davao City you can buy this in ALDEVINCO  Shopping Center. This is the place to shop for all ethnic handmade products, don't miss to buy your souvenirs there.. This shopping center is one of the favorite souvenir stops among local and foreign tourists alike. So be there!!!


Josine De Leon said...

How can we get in touch with you if we want to order welcome leis for Mindanao event?

Sunmagicflower said...

Hi, It's been 3yrs. Not able to open my site. Sorry for that.
If you still interested you can reach me thru
Thank you.

Sunmagicflower said...

Thank you for your interest Sir
kindly send your queries to